COVID-19 Vaccinations

All Missouri adults and youth age 16 - 17 are currently eligible for COVID vaccination in Missouri. Youth 12 - 15 are expected to become eligible for the vaccine in early May.

To find a vaccinator near you, visit VaccineFinder and enter your zip code.

COVID vaccinations in Missouri will be provided at no cost to anyone who wants a vaccination. Vaccinators may charge a vaccine administration fee to Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance. 

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Vaccine distribution

It will be very complicated to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people in stages based on risk criteria provided by scientific oversight agencies. Plans will require accurate estimates of the dates and quantities of vaccine available, clinic scheduling, training, public information campaigns, and careful monitoring of the process and outcome.

Special efforts will be necessary to reach populations at highest risk and to develop trust with people who have concerns about vaccine safety. The process must be transparent and fully grounded in science.


Vaccination safety

The US has a long history of assuring vaccines are safe through the use of specific, detailed, and time-tested protocols. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken every precaution to ensure the safety of a COVID-19 vaccine. Before any new vaccine is brought to market, it has been given to thousands of people under stringent monitoring for safety. Sometimes, very rare side effects are recognized only after the vaccine is licensed because they occur so infrequently, but such side effects are very rare and must be weighed against the good the vaccine will do.​


Don't lean on herd immunity

Herd immunity is achieved when a virus stops circulating because a large segment of the population has already been infected or has been vaccinated against the virus. For COVID, national experts recommend 7 in 10 people (70%) need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity.


Although nearly half of Missourians have started their COVID vaccination series, many Missourians are still at risk for getting COVID.


Some people have suggested just letting people go ahead and get sick with COVID to build their immunity rather than getting vaccinated. This is a very risky suggestion that could put millions of people's lives in danger. Vaccination is a much safer and more sure way to build immunity against COVID for our whole community