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Delta A Region

Ensuring access to public health information

and services in south central Missouri


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Local public health departments and their partners ensure public information and access to public health services for all south central Missouri residents.

Volunteer Group

Community Health Assessment

In 2019, more than 1,000 people in south central Missouri communities answered a survey to help local public health departments decide what health issues to focus on for the next five years.

Home Continuous Glucose Monitoring Train

Chronic Disease Management

You can help control chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Eat nutritious foods, stay active, and follow advice from your doctor.

Doctor's Appointment

Health Literacy

At times we all struggle to understand health information. When we work together to communicate clearly using simple language, we can ensure everyone understands important health information.

Team work

Care Coordination

Public health departments work with partners to create the conditions in which people can be healthy. When we all work together, we can help to make sure people receive the care they need.


About Us

Our mission as a charity organization is growing hope.

Like a magnificent oak, a better future starts as a small seed. It is nurtured by the strength of our community and grows into something that reaches all of us. Our mission is to create a future where every person enjoys those basic things that make life better.

A Mission Rooted in Love

We are driven by love for our neighbors. We believe every person deserves the basic things many people take for granted.

  • Wholesome food at every meal

  • A comfortable space to call home

  • An education to nurture and grow the mind

  • Activities to invigorate and develop the body


Carter County Health Dept

Michelle Walker

1611 Health Center Drive

Van Buren, MO 63965


Douglas County Health Dept

Valerie Reese

603 NW 12th Avenue

Ava, MO 65608


Howell County Health Dept

Chris Gilliam

180 Kentucky Street

West Plains, MO 65775


Ripley County Health Dept

Jan Morrow

1003 E Locust Street

Doniphan, MO 63935


Shannon County Health Center

Kandra Counts

110 Grey Jones Drive

Eminence, MO 65466


Texas County Health Dept

Jackie Smith

950 US Hwy 63

Houston, MO 65483


Oregon County Health Dept

Susan AraSmith

201 Market Street

Thayer, MO 65791


Ozark County Health Dept

Rhonda Suter

370 Third Street

Gainesville, MO 65655


Reynolds County Health Center

Frances Vermillion

2323 Green Street

Centerville, MO 63633


Wright County Health Dept

Tracy Hardcastle


Ellington, MO

MO Highlands 


Ellington, MO

Partner Agencies

Whole Health Outreach

Whole Kids Outreach


Contact Us

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