COVID-19 Guidance for Businesses

Employers can use strategies to lower the risk of employees and customers being exposed to COVID-19.

  • Actively encourage sick employees to stay home

  • Separate sick employees from other employees and customers

  • Emphasize the need to cover coughs and sneezes, wear a face mask, and wash or sanitize hands often

  • Perform routine environmental cleaning

  • Advise employees doing work-related travel to take steps to protect themselves

  • Allow employees to work from home when possible

  • Work with your local public health department, clinic, hospital, or pharmacy to offer vaccinations to your employees.


Employees may have COVID-19 and be able to spread it, even if they do not appear to be sick. Businesses should work with their local public health department to build a plan to limit exposure to employees.


The best way to protect your customers from COVID-19 is to ensure your employees are healthy, your facility is cleaned frequently, and prevention measures are in place to limit exposure to employees and customers.


The virus that causes COVID-19 can be destroyed by certain cleaning products. Your business can lower the risk of COVID-19 spreading by properly cleaning and disinfecting public spaces and frequently touched surfaces.